Protective DNS

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Protective DNS Resolver


Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is an IT security solution that provides secure remote access to an organization’s applications, data, and services based on clearly defined access control policies. This eliminates risk to the network while keeping infrastructure completely invisible. Managing ZTNA solutions is easy with a centralized admin portal with granular controls. It Continuously verify users and devices to ensure access and privilege is granted only when it’s needed.

Benefits Of Business Continuity

  • Focus on Development , not maintenance
  • Make your network secure, fast, and reliable
  • Get rid of user-generated security issues

Focus on Development , not maintenance

A secure network means fewer issues
Not only does Whalebone ensure your network is safer and your customers’ experience enhanced, but Peacemaker will also eliminate IP blacklisting, reduce the number of abuse alerts, and detect infected network equipment.

On-premise DNS resolver for the win
Having an on-premise resolver will make your network faster. On top of that, you will get to see what’s going on up to the level of local IP addresses. Our superior DNS resolvers will add a security layer over your DNS resolution and still make it faster.

Keep an eagle eye at all times
Our intuitive and practical graphic user interface will give you a deeper understanding of what’s happening in your network and allow you to quickly fix potential issues. Have a tight grip on your network.

Content filtering
Comply with your country’s regulatory restrictions, block problematic content yourself, or offer content filtering and parental control to your customers.

Make your ISP network secure, fast, and stable

  • Less then 1 hour i it takes to implement our solution
  • 200+ ISPs on 4 Continents trust us
  • 150,000 Malicious domains are added to our AL based threat intelligence daily

Product Overview

  • On-premises and cloud resolvers streamlining networks of Internet Service Providers and improving the customers’ user experience.
  • Fast and reliable DNS resolution for ISPs with the latest standards such as DNSSEC, IPv6, or DNS-over-HTTPS.
  • Real-time propagation of network setting such as custom blacklists and whitelists.
  • Even though there’s content and security filtration, our resolution is faster compared to other solutions used by ISPs.
  • Making our customers compliant with regulatory restrictions such as content filtering or security standards.
  • Network-level security: filtering malicious traffic of all connected devices and reducing its impact.
  • Gives you a live audit and full visibility of the DNS traffic that traditionally flew under the radar. Get an overview from the bird’s eye view as well as precise microscope insight into particular queries.
  • Designed for both standalone working and integration into your own systems (API, radius, syslog, webhook, SNMP).

What does it mean to you

Network latency improves and the IPTV loading time is reduced from 15 to 4 sec

Over 80% of all queries answered in less then 1ms

In a few weeks the amount of abuse alerts reduces by 2/3

The outgoing DDoS attacks vanish and incoming DDoS also reduce

1.6% of bandwidth is freed up

Your backbone active devices are protected from the incoming attacks

Content filtering on IP range level

You can set-up different policies for schools, residential users, and business customers. Continuously updated database of Threats and Content categories.

The main idea why to sell Immunity to B2B ( Corporate Customer )

You get : Higher revenue from B2B stream thanks to service in high-demand with no initial investment

Customers get : High-end security for all devices in their network. Off-NET protection, identity protection and more

What is it : Centrally provided security VAS with possibility to upsell to a more robust service with even higher revenue