Network Visibility

Measure Quality of Experience in your Network

To deliver the best quality to your network users, it is necessary to be able to measure and monitor it. The BQN platform provides you the key metrics to monitor the quality you are delivering to your users and the quality you are getting from the service providers connecting you to the Internet. We include advanced metrics which we can derive using sophisticaded learning algorithms.

Quality of Experience ( QoE)

Measure Quality of Experience in your Network

We provide metrics to monitor the overall Quality of Experience delivered by your network to your customers, as well as detailed historical information about each subscriber to let you diagnose problems.

Monitor Key Network Quality Metrics

The BQN platform monitors 5 key metrics to measure the Quality of Experience of all the subscribers in your network in real-time. It shows the distribution of those key metrics, with configurable warning thresholds, so that you can easily see your network status. The key metrics include the maximum speed attained during the last 24 hours, the latency, the percentage of packet retransmissions (i.e. losses), the percentage of traffic suffering congestion (which we obtained with an advanced learning algorithm), and the percentage of traffic transmitted at maximum speed.

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Deep Packet Inspection

Discover the service in your network and their latency with DPI

Our advanced DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) technology can see what services are being used in your network. In this way, you can plan your Internet peering, predict the traffic behavior and diagnose service-specific problems. It also shows the latencies from your network to the different services, and how those latencies vary over time, which can help you measure the quality of the services delivered by different providers. You can even see in real-time the services being used by your users.


Monitor DoS Attacks

The BQN platform can detect Denial-of-Service attacks, both starting from your subscribers, or targeted at them. It can inform you about the likely source or target of those attacks in the Internet, so that you can take appropriate measures.