DPI ( Deep Pocket Inspection)

Bandwidth Management and DPI


The BQN platform includes the most advanced queueing technology in the market, which will deliver the best possible Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE). You can let it detect congestion situations and manage them automatically with our machine-learning-based ACM (Automatic Congestion Management), and you can also use it to enforce rate plans or bandwidth limitations in an extremely flexible and economical way.

The Challenges

Speed limit can cause high latency and packet losses

When speed is limited, or when there is congestion, network packets have to wait in queues to be delivered, which increases network latency and will create packet losses when queues overflow. As a result, the network Quality of Experience may be severely degraded, especially for interactive applications, like on-line games and teleconferences, which are very sensitive to latency and losses.



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